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Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes

As part of the Mayor's 2nd Century Energy Initiative, Mayor Bartlett has been meeting with Tulsa's Energy Industry.  He met with Baker Hughes executives to discuss their plans for Tulsa plant expansion. 

From left to right:  Mike Findley Area Manager US Land Central and Eastern, Mayor Dewey Bartlett, directly behind the Mayor, Mick Underwood Director of Marketing US Land Artificial Lift, next the gentlemen pointing is Jeremy Craft Operations Manager Tulsa, and Ron Neill Director of Operations Support US Land.

Young Professionals in Energy
Young Professionals in Energy

Brainstorm Strategies partnered with the Tulsa Chapter of Young Professionals in Energy for an open discussion about Tulsaís impact on the energy profession.  YPE is a positive catalytic force in uniting the young energy leaders of today. YPE prepares its members to be the best leaders for their communities and for the global energy industry.

YPE is dedicated to providing a forum for networking and career development for professionals in the global energy industry.  YPE aims to facilitate the advancement of young professionals in the energy industry around the world through social, educational and civic service oriented events.  The desired outcome of YPE is to foster an environment where members can learn from each otherís experiences, share industry knowledge and discuss career matters. 

The Tulsa brainstorming sessions pulled in young energy professionals from across the energy industry including, but not limited to, engineers, geoscientists, landmen, financial analysts, governments employees, accountants, attorneys, commercial and investment bankers, and consultants.

From the brainstorming sessions, young professionals suggested putting together a central website that Energy HR professional could use to highlight Tulsa's strengths as a center of energy related development.  The young professionals strongly believe in Tulsa and want to be part of the renaissance they see happening around them.

NAPE Expo - The World's Largest Prospect and Property Expo
NAPE Expo - The World's Largest Prospect and Property Expo

The North America Prospect Expo, better known as NAPE is the world's largest E&P (upstream) expo.  NAPE Expo provides a marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of oil and gas prospects and producing properties via exhibit booths.  NAPE is the premier E&P networking venue - where one can see what's going on throughout the entire oil patch in two days.
The goal of the NAPE staff is to offer you the best market place possible for creating deals.  With this in mind, NAPE brings prospects and producing properties (from the U.S. and around the world), capital formation, services and technologies all together in one location, creating an environment to establish strategic alliances for doing business and initiating purchases and trades.

In the photo to the left, Mayor Bartlett and John Crum, chairman, CEO and president of Midstates Petroleum, a Houston-based company with a growing presence in Tulsa.

In addition to making contact with energy companies, the Mayor met with the Mayor of Houston and was interviewed about Tulsa's growing energy sector and current downtown renaissance.
QEP Resources
QEP Resources

Mayor Bartlett met with Jeff Tommerup and his Tulsa Management team to discuss QEP Resources's recent expansion in Tulsa.

"QEP Resources is committed to becoming an employer of choice in Tulsa," Jeff Tommerup, vice president for the company's southern region, said in a news release. "Currently, we source more than half of our natural gas production from the company's southern region properties, positioning Tulsa as a strategically important center of operations."

QEP Resources is a leading independent natural gas and crude oil exploration and production company focused in two major regions: the Northern Region (primarily in the Rockies and the Williston Basin) and the Southern Region (primarily Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and Louisiana) of the United States.


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