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Tulsa, Oklahoma.  A city built on energy.  Almost half a century since it was realistically “The Oil Capital of the World,” today Tulsa remains a culture and an economy still deeply rooted in energy.

Tulsa Energy Now is a portal to Tulsa’s rich energy history and also its current successes and opportunities in the energy industry. The Tulsa Energy Now website is a part of Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett’s Second Century Energy initiative.

The Second Century Energy Initiative is Tulsa's commitment to being at the leading edge of energy policy and research, leadership and development, and provides an overview of Tulsa's continuing strength and leadership in energy.
As part of Second Century Energy’s social media outreach, Tulsa Energy Now aims to shine a light on Tulsa’s energy sector, and all the aspects of metro Tulsa that is impacted by it. We hope to educate others about the numerous opportunities in Tulsa for energy professionals and to encourage skilled professionals and much-needed manufacturing and energy service sector workers to locate here.

Tulsa Energy Now will promote the establishment and relocation of energy companies, as well as the growth of existing companies, in Tulsa. We also plan to trumpet the myriad, high-quality energy education institutions that are an integral part of our city.

Tulsa Energy Now is funded by the City of Tulsa as part of an energy consulting contract bid in 2012 and awarded to Brain Storm Strategies, an Oklahoma-based energy industry economic development consultant. As a modern and diversified city and economy, Tulsa today boasts not merely a significant oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) base. Today’s Tulsa energy sector is described in a new economic study of the city and metropolitan area as “With the exception of Houston, Tulsa ranks as the most diverse, multi-layered energy economy in the nation.”

Mayor  Bartlett, a third-generation oilman whose company, Keener Oil & Gas, has solar panels installed on its roof, believes Tulsa’s oil and gas sector will help lead the way into whatever new forms of energy are discovered, developed and marketed.

"It will be the traditional Oil and Gas Industry that will in the end find the best possible path to the most efficient alternative energy and Tulsa will lead that hunt with our Second Century Energy"

Mayor Bartlett and the Tulsa City Council welcome you to Tulsa Energy Now and Tulsa’s Second Century Energy initiative.


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